At Sinnis Motorcycles, we design award-winning scooters and motorcycles.

As the UK leader in small-capacity motorcycles and scooters, we’re driven by a vision to get more people on two wheels riding the British streets.

We manufacture our bikes in Suzuki, Harley-Davidson and Yamaha partner factories to achieve a leading edge in small-CC machine engineering.

We build our bikes around people and we’re proud of it.






Since 2005, we've been designing awesome learner-legal bikes from our headquarters in Brighton

We are #SinnisMotorcycles. It’s our goal to make the world of two wheels accessible to all people. That’s why we design affordable, fun small-capacity machines for every riding style.

We work hard to make the world of two wheels fun, accessible and affordable to all people. That’s why we design all our machines with style, form and function in mind. Whether it is a 200-mile trip in the mountains or a 10-mile sunny commute, we have a model tailored to take you further.

We’re a team of two-wheeled enthusiasts with a vision to get more people riding by designing awesome, affordable scooters and motorcycles for every riding style. Since 2005, we’ve grown from a local family-run business into a company with manufacturing and distribution connections all over the world.

We ensure quality craftsmanship by subjecting bikes to strict criteria at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our Brighton-based design team works alongside engineering specialists to bring their concepts into optimum form. Once prototyped, we conduct extensive testing on every model over thousands of miles in all weather conditions and all terrains, relaying improvements back to R&D before final production.

We’re driven by some of the most experienced people in motorcycle marketing, engineering, and product design. Our people are the core of our business, working hard to push the limits of what small-capacity bikes can be.