Ultrasonic cleaning is where something is placed in a liquid chemical bath and then bombarded with ultra high frequency waves that are so "loud" they cause microscopic vacuum bubbles to form and collapse on surfaces.  This action, called "cavitation" works like a scrub brush and gets out dirt and stuck on materials from even the microscopic crevices on a material, cleaning them in a way that no other method can replicate.  When combined with a solvent that can carry away the material being attacked, the result is a cleaning that makes the item cleaned just like new aga



If the fuel has gone off in the carbs the bike will not run properly and you can waste countless hours manually cleaning the carbs only to find  there is still a blockage when you refit them.
The cleaning removes old petrol deposits from internal passageways working especially well on bikes that have been standing for some time.
Our High-Tech state of the art machine bounces ultrasonic waves through a mixture of mild cleaning solution and temperature controlled water for a specific period of time. We are happy to remove the carbs from your bike in our workshop, refitting and balancing them once they have been cleaned, please ring for a quote.
Whilst working on your carbs we will notify you of any damage found and replace float valves and gaskets if required (additional cost of parts only). If you would like new carb repair kits fitted we will do this free of charge if you supply the parts initially with the dirty carbs, or we can supply carb kits at extra cost (parts cost only).

Fresh motor oil


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